Meet our EVF 2023 Presenting Companies - the companies for 2024 will be revealed soon!

These companies were nominated by participating investors.

BE is a clean energy-as-a-service company that is enabling the energy transition. BE provides smart energy management solutions for power generators and large-consumers, helping them to deal with variable and surplus electricity. 

BLIXT empowers the energy transition by unlocking the full potential of battery energy storage and replacing mechanical components in switchgear for modern solid state electronics - allowing for control of voltage and current in real time, faster, greener and safer.

Carbonclean decarbonises process heat. Our high temperature thermal storage technology allows industrial heat users to generate a reliable, continuous, and CO2-neutral heat supply from renewable energy and minimise their energy costs.

As a chemical recycling company DePoly SA is tackling the plastic problem via its enhanced recycling technology that converts post-consumer PET plastic back to its main raw components, at room temperature, without any additional heat or pressure. The raw material can then be sold back to industry, so that new virgin quality PET plastic items can be made, creating a truly circular plastic economy.

Dimpora is an award-winning Swiss start-up offering membranes that combine exceptional performance and sustainability. Our commitment to non-toxicity, circularity, and a circular future drives us to push the boundaries of innovation in the outdoor textile industry. 

FIDO Tech’s sensor & platform agnostic, proprietary AI is a holistic tool to end global water scarcity. FIDO AI gives fast, measurable leakage & NRW reduction with demand & asset condition insight on any network & is a central component in corporate water positivity partnerships. 

Gen 2 Carbon was established to provide sustainable material solutions that support the net zero transition. The core of our business is proprietary technology we have developed to recover carbon fibre from CFRP waste. Our recycled carbon fibres have almost identical properties to virgin carbon fibre and offer cost and environmental benefits. 

Swedish deep-tech startup for climate, profit-driven and scalable patented solution that addresses the rising global materials demand for hydrogen and battery technologies. With secured strategic partnerships, we are well-positioned to drive positive change and lead the way towards a sustainable future.  

IO Tech develops ground-breaking, additive manufacturing systems for semiconductor packaging assembly and EV batteries. Our system enables miniaturisation, next-gen design and reshoring of electronic production. It is sustainable and compatible with most industrial materials. Backed by Henkel and ASMPT. Strong market traction 

IMSystems are the developers and makers of the key automation enabling technology of the future, the Archimedes Drive, the most versatile, cost competitive, and scalable robotics drive technology. 

Intelecy, a no-code Industrial AI SaaS solution, enables process engineers and operators to create and use AI models, without coding knowledge. By using Intelecy manufacturing companies improve resource utilization, prevent unplanned downtime, and minimize environmental impact.  

M2X Energy focuses on wasted natural gas conversion into low-carbon chemicals. Founded in 2020, its mission is to address natural gas flaring and venting by creating valuable products from otherwise wasted natural gas, thus reducing methane emissions, and producing carbon-negative chemicals. 

Oxara is an ETH Spinoff with the vision to decarbonize the construction industry and enable access to affordable homes. To do so, Oxara offers 100% cement-free admixture, binder technology for sustainable and circular building materials with a low environmental footprint. The technology enables the re-use, up-cycle of excavation materials and construction demolition waste in various concrete and brick applications. 

RheEnergise’s High-Density Hydro® provides 2-16 hrs of grid-scale energy storage in the 10MW-100MW power range. A global, ultra low-cost solution for the predicted (McKinsey) $4+ trillion market, that creates stable power grids from intermittent renewable energy generation.

robominds has made it its mission to revolutionize the industry as the market leader for intelligent robotics. With the patented robobrain® technology, robominds has created a brain for robots based on real Artificial Intelligence, which gives industrial robots new capabilities and therefore creates smart and flexible solutions. 

 Tau has established itself as an innovative supplier to the automotive industry by setting a new global standard in electric motor’s insulated wire. Its wire addresses the industry’s demand for the next generation of motors to have a minimized carbon footprint, use less resources and improve the electric vehicles’ efficiency, range and recharge time. The key is the wire’s superior resistance to partial discharge and accommodating voltages of 800V and higher.  

Decarbonizing Heavy-Emitting Industries via crystal membranes. Today, 10% of the world's energy consumption is due to separation and purification. The UniSieve solution saves up to 90% of process energy compared to alternative technology and enables affordable CO2 capture. 

Viscous Lithography Manufacturing": a new 3D printing technology for producing batches of end-use parts at scale and cost. Reaching Industry-Quality standards, VLM is prepared to displace traditional manufacturing by improving flexibility and efficiency in short and mid-scale.

The packaging industry must switch to recyclable materials and the current production systems are not able to solve this problem! watttron GmbH is enabling sustainability and circularity in the packaging industry and additional markets with their patented digital heating solution.